Where To Learn How To Create Games In Unity 3D

It’s a funny thing, but a lot of people¬†including myself have a tendency to go looking for the perfect YouTube tutorial or article on how to do stuff like make video games. However, where do the people creating those tutorials learn about it? Do they work for the company? Maybe sometimes, but definitely not always. Do they have an inside source giving them the scoop? Doubtful. Did they go to school for years to learn these amazingly technical skills? *picking myself up from the floor* Bhahahaahahaha . . .

So where do they learn how to write software for stuff? The answer is usually from the company’s technical manuals. In the past it used to be more¬†difficult to get your hands on a manual and if you did it would sometimes be filled with lots of very technical writing, so technical in fact that you might need another manual or two to understand concepts they might refer to. However, today you can find very well written manuals online from the source and you can just use Google for those few times a technical concept comes up you want to learn more about.


Here is the link to Unity’s very understandable and thorough GENERAL online learning material.

Here is the link to Unity tutorials shared by Unity itself.

And here is a link to the Unity manual.

Pretty cool, huh? Happy Learning!


Links to Unity learning resources.
Links to Unity learning resources.