Where To Find Virtual Reality Developers

Virtual and Augmented Reality are both so new in terms of broad consumer adoption that demand is only now becoming big enough for developers to focus solely on creating VR and AR content. The creators and entrepreneurs who cultivate the skills to become or network with the best augmented and virtual reality developers NOW are going to reap the most benefits in the next 3-5 years. Mobile VR/AR is going to be an Internet-sized market and very simplistic AR apps will continue to be the cherry popper. This Pokemon Go stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. Think about Amazon. They didn’t come out and start selling every product under the sun from the outset. Bezos chose a very standardized product that was super non-threatening . . . boring old books (who else forgot about that?). We’ll see the same kind of transition to VR/AR shopping, but the rate of adoption will be much faster this time around. People are already used to paying for things remotely and the convenience is too amazing to deny.

Sidenote: If Walmart wanted to stay a step ahead of Amazon they wouldn’t have wasted time with this Jet.com purchase. They would be focused on creating the ultimate virtual shopping experience.

But anyway, as “wild” as it sounds to go virtual house hunting (VR Home Tours will be one of the first great entrepreneurial opportunities for people looking for a low barrier way to get into the field) and put an offer in on a home without leaving the living room, this will be common place within 5 years. Novel technology loses it’s “mystique” almost immediately these days. It turns out people adapt much quicker to new tech than we probably think. For instance, no one is impressed by the magic box holding all the answers in the world in their pockets anymore. We forget that it wasn’t very long ago that if you didn’t know “what movie that guy was in?” you just didn’t know, lol. Little glitches along the way sort of cushion us from the jarring pace of “smart phone” innovation, but one day soon we won’t be laughing at Siri’s answers unless she wants us to and we’ll be using mobile AR and VR instead of business trips.

“Ok. AR is the cherry popper? When will it start happening?”, someone might ask. The answer: It’s been happening. Kids already loved Augmented Reality and they didn’t even know it yet . . .  Why is Snapchat so awesome to young people? What’s their competitive “cool factor” advantage right now? It’s the filters, man. But even beyond social media and gaming we will start to see virtual and augmented reality elements being used more and more in business in the coming months. For instance, home improvement and furniture stores will let you use your phone or tablet to see if a product goes well or even fits in your home. We’ll also start to see that some of the first popular products in VR and AR will be creation tools. These creation tools will lower the barrier to entry so super creative people can make amazing things in VR and AR without having to deal with as many of the technical issues.

Alright. So of course you want to become involved in this before everyone else does, right? You want to start a virtual or augmented reality business, but you don’t have the technical chops . . . or you have the technical chops, but you don’t want to do the administrative work or the sales work involved with starting a stand-alone business? Ok, where does a VR Developer go to find freelance work? And WHERE DO YOU GO TO FIND VIRTUAL REALITY DEVELOPERS? I wondered the same thing about 6 months ago. I did some research and other than searching LinkedIn or Twitter for a probably unavailable and possibly unaffordable developer I found a few safe options to find and hire VR or AR freelancers (Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace, Guru – Hire Quality Freelancers and Find Freelance Jobs, and VR developers at Total ). These are all pretty solid options, but none of them are specifically focused on mixed reality content creation. Virtual Reality is just an afterthought for these sites – a category. That’s like saying “I’m really good at the Internet”. Virtual Reality isn’t a category it’s the next multi-billion dollar industry.

Developers and content creators in this new space deserve a safe place where they can start with no commercial experience (after learning creation tools like Unity3D) and begin making things like face filters, VR Home Tours, and 360 3D videos locally, but also grow later on to collaborate like more established and experienced content firms on large platform products, custom virtual experiences, etc. These specialized skills involved with VR/AR are new and valuable. Developers deserve a place where the quality of the work is proportional to their compensation. Employers deserve a place where they can quickly assess Mixed Reality freelancers’ skill levels and invite them to bid on their projects based on their budget. This is where the gross self promotion part comes in, but it’s only because I legit could not find what I was looking for and so the truth is I decided to make it myself.

redVR is a freelance site just for augmented and virtual reality jobs. Employers and freelancers can feel safe because both parties will be protected by work guarantees and third party job evaluations. The escrow system ensures freelancers know they’ll get paid if they follow the guidelines and employers know they’ll get the quality they agreed to pay for. There are enough enterprise applications and personal project ideas within augmented and virtual reality to fill up bookshelves. On redVR, VR/AR is the industry and the types of experiences are the categories. The site is up. Right now I’m about to start reaching out directly to virtual reality developers and inviting these first freelancers to have their skill level vetted for free. The most experienced developers with the best portfolios will have a designated verification on their profile picture. This kind of verification gives employers with larger budgets the option to save time and possible difficulties while also keeping opportunities for beginner developers and employers with smaller budgets. I really do invite anyone looking for a place to find augmented or virtual reality developers to sign up and I thank you in advance for the opportunity to help further the VR/AR movement. It’s going to take great content so let’s start working together as a community and make amazing things happen.

where to find virtual reality developers

redVR is a freelance site just for virtual and augmented reality jobs.