What Is Google Daydream?

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What Is Google Daydream?

Google Daydream is the second virtual reality developer platform Google has released. The first one is Google Cardboard. The main difference other than a more vivid and immersive experience for users is hardware. End users will have a controller capable of 3 degrees of freedom which also has a trackpad and they’ll have a better HMD (head mounted display) than Cardboard. There still won’t be head tracking yet though (at least not until phones come with the necessary hardware to carry it out).

I can see this being much more popular than Cardboard and GearVR because the inclusion of the controller is going to allow a more interactive experience at the lower end price point. Casual gaming will almost certainly be headed the mobile direction. Will it be quickly enough for early Daydream developers to make big money? It’s very possible within the next few years as phones become more and more capable of handling the processing needs. Remember information technology is exponential.

Google is doing something cool and allowing developers to build their own controller by using an Android phone and a piece of paper. The only thing that’s a little less flexible is that developers will have to use a Nexus 6P as the “headset phone”.

If you’re interested in learning all you need to know to get started go straight to the source HERE