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Voices of VR Podcast Logo

Voices of VR Podcast Logo

I’ve recently listened to a few episodes of the Voices of VR Podcast and I’ve gotta say Kent Bye is doing a great job interviewing some interesting people on there. It seems like he’s gone to a few conferences and loaded up his computer with a bunch of different interviews, which means a lot of content (and it’s daily). I’ve gotten some interesting insights about the inclusion of Augmented Reality on Snapchat and Kent and others’ opinion that we’re shifting from an “Information” to an “Experiential” Age.

I especially liked Philip Rosedale’s (Co-Founder of Second Life) thoughts on Virtual Reality being a possible safe space for mankind’s first interactions with Artificial Intelligence. That was a super cool thing I can honestly say I hadn’t thought of. I encourage everyone to checkout that interview with Rosedale and see what you think. If you like it, subscribe and support the good work Kent is doing over there.

Talk soon, J