The First Killer App For Google’s Project Tango

This isn’t a “How To”. And it’s not a “They did”. It’s an “If you” . . . as in “if you” do this you will make a lot of money.

So, what do you need to do?

Let me first start by saying Google has partnered with Lenovo and has stated it’s releasing the first Tango capable phone this summer (2016) and they already have a Tango tablet out for developers called Yellowstone. Obviously there are some questions as to whether a lot of people will buy the devices and this would lead some critics to say my statement “you will make a lot of money” hinges on whether the device is popular, which is a big “if”. However, this article isn’t about the big “if” it’s about the “if you”.

What I mean is this:

For more reasons than I have space or time to go into in this article Real Estate is positioned to be one of the first industries VR/AR content creators are likely to disrupt. Goldman Sachs estimated the VR Real Estate market to be over 2.5 Billion/year in less than 10 years. But people have already started buying houses, condos, etc. sight unseen by going on “virtual tours” online and we all know how popular sites like Zillow are.

So why did I put “virtual tours” in quotes? Because these tours are called that, but as we all know they are just YouTube videos with cheesy elevator music. The REAL VR virtual tours are going to blow those away. And you don’t need a Tango device to view them. Let me say that again, you don’t need a Tango device to view them. With Google Carboard (15 million+ downloads and counting), Gear VR, and simple 360 videos that can be viewed over the YouTube App in an Augmented Reality environment, the real estate market WILL BE DISRUPTED by virtual reality a lot sooner than most people expect. Right now there are companies trying to make their mark, however, they have expensive cameras (Matterport is currently the most well known and its camera costs more than $5,000).

Imagine if a person could buy a $500 Tango device instead.

Imagine if this person could download an app and use it to create 3D tours for themselves or agents/sellers.

That’s where the “if you” comes in. If you create the app and charge users a one time use or monthly fee you will make a lot of money because you don’t have to worry about lots of people downloading the app. You just have to market towards photographers and entrepreneurs who will market their services to real estate sellers themselves. You will be priced much lower than competitors and have the tech expansion and device support of a company the size of Google.

I’m excited to see who does this correctly and how much money they make. I wonder “if” it will be “you”. Click HERE to learn more about making an app like this – straight from Google.



Project Tango Killer App
Project Tango Killer App