Project Tango Apps: The Next Big Thing?

Yes, that article title is exaggerated, but it got you to click and so here we are. There are going to be a lot of opportunities for VR/AR content creators and no one really knows which platform is going to be the most profitable yet. Moving on. First, what is Project Tango? It’s a technology from Google that enables mobile devices to detect their position relative to the world around them with computer vision instead of using GPS or external signals. When a smart phone or tablet can tell where you are and measure distances even inside a building, well you can imagine all the cool applications which can be developed. Currently there is only one device (the Yellowstone tablet) using the technology, but Google has paired up with Lenovo and is scheduled to release a smart phone for less than $500 this summer (2016). Since it’s such a new technology there is obviously a lot of opportunity for new developers to make a name for themselves quickly. There is also a decent case to be made that the price point and less immersive nature of augmented reality are going to make it more popular at first than the fully immersive VR head mounted displays. Click here to learn all you want about creating apps for Project Tango.

AND  . . . if you’ve learned all you need to know to get started created apps for Tango. I’m posting a follow-up article HERE in the near future about an app idea that you will make a lot of money from if you create it and do it well.

Will Google's Project Tango Become The Next Big App Store?
Will Google’s Project Tango Become The Next Big App Store?