Where To Find Virtual Reality Developers

where to find virtual reality developers
Virtual and Augmented Reality are both so new in terms of broad consumer adoption that demand is only now becoming big enough for developers to focus solely on creating VR and AR content. The creators and entrepreneurs who cultivate the skills to become or network with the best augmented and virtual reality developers NOW are going to reap the most benefits in the next 3-5 years. Mobile VR/AR is going to be an Internet-sized market and very simplistic AR apps will continue to be the cherry poppe...

Using Virtual to Change Your Reality: VR Vision Boards and Simulated Life-Changing Events

vr vision board
For those of you who aren't familiar with the Self-Help genre, a vision-board is a picture collage of things the designer wishes to have in their future life. For example; a nice car, big house, pretty wife, new physique, etc. The point is for the user of the vision-board to at least see it everyday and at best meditate on the feelings these things would bring to their future self. Simply put, it's a visual representation of a goal list. I just did a Google search of "vision board" to get...

Could Steve Jobs have made Virtual Reality Mainstream by now?

Steve Jobs would have made VR mainstream by now.
It seems like almost every Virtual Reality (VR) article I see promoted on Social Media has to do with "failure". A failure in sales, more specifically. I understand the motivation behind wanting to meet sales projections during the first "Holiday Season" in this new business category, but I think that's the wrong focus for now and for the future. Instead of being discouraged over inaccurate sales projections we should actually be encouraged by newer smartphones with increasing capabilities to re...

The One Thing That Has To Happen Before Virtual Reality Is Mainstream

Virtual reality has had a couple waves of hype and the most recent one was earlier this year. There was pretty much no way VR or AR were going to live up to that hype, but who cares? The media's opinion isn't going to affect the mainstream success of virtual and augmented reality. Some people are early adopters and some people aren't. That's just the way it is. All the hype has always been just that. And hype is almost always bullshit. Even this article (at least the title) is somewhat bullshit....

Immersive Data Visualization and The Ultimate Display Paper

Immersive Data Visualization
I was reading the following paper (The Ultimate Display by Ivan E. Sutherland) from the 1960's the other day while also thinking about what is being called "Immersive Data Visualization". It is obvious that the first company to create a really great high value experience in this area is going to be very profitable. Although the topic seems pretty technical, if you think about it everyone is working within the same hardware constraints of what's going to be available in the market and so whil...

Voices of VR Podcast – Check it out!

Voices of VR Podcast Logo
I've recently listened to a few episodes of the Voices of VR Podcast and I've gotta say Kent Bye is doing a great job interviewing some interesting people on there. It seems like he's gone to a few conferences and loaded up his computer with a bunch of different interviews, which means a lot of content (and it's daily). I've gotten some interesting insights about the inclusion of Augmented Reality on Snapchat and Kent and others' opinion that we're shifting from an "Information" to an "Exper...

What Is Google Daydream?

The Google Daydream Logo
Google Daydream is the second virtual reality developer platform Google has released. The first one is Google Cardboard. The main difference other than a more vivid and immersive experience for users is hardware. End users will have a controller capable of 3 degrees of freedom which also has a trackpad and they'll have a better HMD (head mounted display) than Cardboard. There still won't be head tracking yet though (at least not until phones come with the necessary hardware to carry it out)....

Advice For Virtual Reality Developers From Unity, Crytek, and Epic Games CEO’s

Unity, Epic and Crytek CEOs on the future of VR
These videos are from the VRX USA Conference in San Francisco a few months ago. They're a good inside look for virtual reality creators to get inside information from the CEO's of the main three VR content development engines. Many thanks to Pete Carkeek and the rest of the VR Intelligence / The VRX Event Series team for making these available to virtual reality content creators and aspiring creators. I'll definitely be keeping track of Pete's website and I encourage you to sign up for updates f...

Where To Learn How To Make A Google Cardboard App

How to make Google Cardboard Apps
The first part of this article will sound very similar to one from the other day about learning to create games in Unity 3D. And that's because it's the same concept. Here goes: It's a funny thing, but a lot of people including myself have a tendency to go looking for the perfect YouTube tutorial or article on how to do stuff like make Google Cardboard apps. However, where do the people creating those tutorials learn about it? Do they work for the company? Maybe sometimes, but definitely not ...

The First Killer App For Google’s Project Tango

Project Tango Killer App
This isn't a "How To". And it's not a "They did". It's an "If you" . . . as in "if you" do this you will make a lot of money. So, what do you need to do? Let me first start by saying Google has partnered with Lenovo and has stated it's releasing the first Tango capable phone this summer (2016) and they already have a Tango tablet out for developers called Yellowstone. Obviously there are some questions as to whether a lot of people will buy the devices and this would lead some critics to s...